Practice is life. Training is living with the recognition that the entire meaning and purpose of our lives is in this very moment. “When the moment is not hindered by being and nonbeing, or reliance on knowing and not knowing, this is called miraculous power. Not being attached to this miraculous power is called being without miraculous power. Bodhisattvas without miraculous power thus leave no traces. This is the mark of continuous development beyond buddha.” To leave no traces means to not give rise to a single thought of self or no self, attachment or letting go, having power or not having power.

Daowu said, “Those who travel together know it.” The student said, “Master, do you know it?” Daowu said, “No, I don’t.” The student said, “How come you don’t know it?” Daowu said, “Go away. You don’t understand my meaning.” Daowu is telling this student to go away and find out for himself. Too much discussion spoils the inquiry. The student thinks Daowu can give him the answer to his question. Daowu knows that only those “who travel together” can know it. What is traveling together? Mind meeting mind, self forgetting self, buddha realizing buddha. The student doesn’t yet know he is the jewel himself. Before practice, before any teaching is expounded, this is the very truth of this life.

Present without thinking,
its presence is inherently intimate.
Completed without interacting,
its completion is inherently verified.

If you want to come closer, if you want to live in true intimacy, don’t move.