The commentary goes on to say, “If you wish to get to the bottom of all this, then go to the original question of the elder sister.” That is, go to the question of life and death. The corpse is here, where has the person gone? What is it that’s born and what is it that dies? In birth, not a single atom is added. In death, not a particle is lost. Where do you find yourself? Who are you? This person is dead. Where did he go?

Life, death, coming, going, existing, not existing, realization, no realization, enlightenment, delusion, good, bad, right, wrong: we always see things dualistically. How do you see it as one thing? If you go to either side of a duality, you miss it. If you try to say that neither side exists, that’s nihilistic. If you say both sides exist, that doesn’t reach it. It’s not form. It’s not emptiness. It’s not both and it’s not neither. Something else needs to be seen.