To whom it concerns:

I’ve recently received your address from a man that I am currently incarcerated with. He allowed me to read information that pointed out interesting points of view of life. These books inspired me to concentrate on me and I could see that by doing that, it bettered the way I live in the world. It gave me positive thoughts and hope for a better life, spiritually, physically as well as financially. As a believer in Christianity, I believed in something else besides me, although a lot of stuff didn’t make sense.

As a 27 year-old man who has indulged in a life not as constructive as I should have, I am ready to change. I’ve always believed that in order to change me, I’d have to change the materialistic items in my possession. It’s just recently that I have started to practice happiness instead of pursuing it. To say the least, I feel lost, possibly facing in the right direction but lost. I know every thing has its reasons and lessons.

I’ve been moved to a different jail and no longer have the books that I was reading or the other person to consult with. For the past few weeks I’ve been on edge, more negative then I’d like to be. I decided that this address was given to me for a reason. So here I am writing to some one I don’t even know. Like a message in a bottle, I send this out in to the ocean, with no expectations to receive one back. But like a young boy with a secret hidden knowledge, I wait on the beach. I guess that sums up how I feel. I am interested in any and everything you have to offer. I thank you very much for it