John Daido Loori has left us a remarkable legacy of environmental teachings based in Zen Buddhist practice and philosophy. His photographs, his dharma talks, his institutional commitments all testify to a deep and enduring love for the natural world. He would remind us today that “dharma gates are endless,” that opportunities for intimacy and realization are all around us all the time. A heartfelt expression of thanks would be to join him in celebrating this endless flow of life, the ten-thousand miracles of being that arise and pass away constantly, including him.

Thank you for being with us on the path, Daido. You will be with us still in the nearby mountain, the flowing stream, the ever-changing clouds in the sky, and the seedlings that sprout bravely in the forest


foggy shore

Stephanie Kaza is Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont. She is the author of Mindfully Green: A Personal and Spiritual Guide to Whole Earth Thinking.